Rethinking the Food Pyramid

The “old school” Food Pyramid

The Food Pyramid

“No or Low-Fat” Prescription

Has Been Flipped On Its Head

The USDA Food Pyramid first introduced in 1992, promoted a diet high in processed grain foods like bread, cereals, and pastas with moderate intakes of fruits, vegetables, and proteins while encouraging a drastic reduction of dietary fat.

Ancient wisdom had us believe that fats were the root of all evil, promoting obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and about every other unexplained poor health condition.

At the time, every major health Associations grabbed hold of the fat-free pyramid mindset and this “ancient wonder” burned a lasting impression in how we think and eat.

Only one problem — the data used to establish the Food Pyramid turned out to be wrong, and not surprisingly, based on studies funded by the sugar and processed food industries.

The result?

The biggest outbreak of obesity and disease the world has ever known.

Modern research has now shattered food-pyramid thinking. Today’s science proves a diet full of processed grains and sugar, and void of healthy fats, can…

  • Destroy gut health,
  • Promote chronic inflammation,
  • Compromise immune systems,
  • Disrupt hormone balance,
  • And alter the body’s ability to burn fat as its primary source of fuel.

So what DO we eat?

Volumes of new research tell a whole new story on what helps…

  • Restore a healthy gut,
  • Reboot fat burning metabolism,
  • And support healthy living.

This new story is called Integrative health. And the research behind it has validated some of nature’s most powerful molecules in supporting the body’s normal functions of defense and repair. These molecules combined with the best standard of medical care are now achieving best patient outcomes.

So what now? What do you eat to manage weight, support good gut health, immune function, sleep, brain clarity and joint health?

New science has given us new solutions. Get the full story on the next gen of nutrition and healthy living.  Get connected and stay in the know.