Takes Fat to Burn Fat

The Next Gen in Nutrition
Compiled by the Body Reboot Experts at Evolv Health.


 So while high protein low fat diet products can help you achieve short term weight loss, they are now recognized as a set up for aggressive new fat accumulation.So how do we play by the right rules and get our body back to a fat burning machine?

Forget the diet and Reboot the body. You need fat to burn fat. Plain and simple.

How do you get healthy fats, fiber and nutrients when you’re on the run everyday?  You sure can’t find that combo in a drive-through.

So Evolv Health decided to make it easy.   Evolv Health has produced the world’s first line of nutrient dense, whole food products, formulated specifically to help reboot your fat burning metabolism.

If you want sustainable fat loss for a change, the answer is as close as a Fat Burner Reboot.  Check it out and give diets the boot and your body the tools to reboot your metabolism.


Reference:  Dr. Erik Reis., a Chiropractic Physician and board-certified Chiropractic Neurologist at Minnesota Functional Neurology and Chiropractic.