3 Little Actions With Big Payoffs

The Next Gen in Nutrition

Compiled by the Body Reboot Experts at Evolv Health

Action #1:  Amaze Yourself with Everyday Actions

When you move more every day, you can experience first hand how small moves can turn into big wins.  Put your feet into action and make every move count! Dr. Rodgers of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease tells us…

  • 10 minutes of stretching is like walking the length of a football field
  • 5 hours of walking every week for a year is like walking across the state of Wyoming
  • 30 minutes of singles tennis is like walking a 5K
  • 1 hour of dancing every week for a year is like walking from Chicago to Indianapolis
  • 20 minutes of vacuuming is like walking one mile
  • 30 minutes of grocery shopping every other week for a year is like walking a marathon

Reference: Dr. Griffin Rodgers, Director of National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Action #2:  Shake Things Up.

You may surprise yourself by simply rethinking how you typically spend your day.  Here’s a cool fact from The Office of Disease Prevention:  You don’t need to be active for long periods of time to get the activity you need for a healthy body, which they tell us is at least 150 minutes, or 2 hours and 30 minutes a week (for example: 30 minute walks 5 days a week). 

They tell us, you can even do short, 10-minute spurts of activity 3 times a day on 5 or more days a week.  A few tips to work those in:

  • Get up from your desk and take a 10-minute walking break or have a “walking,” rather than a “sitting” meeting at work.
  • See that staircase not far from the elevator? Walk to it and take those stairs up to your office or meeting.
  • And if you think getting together with friends has to mean grabbing a meal, shake things up and suggest you go for a walk instead of a meal.

Reference: The Office of Disease Prevention at Health.gov.

Action #3:  Take a stand!

According to The Mayo Clinic, research has linked too much sitting with quite a few health concerns — a long list of issues that include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels. Not good.

One study compared adults who sat only two hours a day in front of the TV or other screen-based entertainment with those who logged more than four hours a day doing the same. Those with greater screen time had:

  • A nearly 50 percent increased risk of death from any cause.
  • About a 125 percent increased risk of events associated with cardiovascular disease.

The risk isn’t limited to TV watchers. Any extended sitting — whether it’s behind your desk or your steering wheel — can be harmful.

So get up out of the chair!  After you get up, here’s what you do next:

  • Stay standing when you’re talking on the phone or eating your lunch.
  • Stay standing and work from a standing position.  You could make it easier with an adjustable desk or step over to a high table or counter.
  • Walk laps with your colleagues rather than gathering in a conference room for meetings.
  • Try a treadmill-ready vertical desk and stay in motion.

Reference: the Mayo Clinic: Answers from James A. Levine, M.D., Ph.D.