Inflammation and Betalains

Red is the New Green for Limitless Living
By Dr. Erik Reis

For years, researchers have been testing the world’s best foods to determine their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory values, because these benefits provide the best defense against the root causes of almost every chronic disease. But, published studies seemed to all show different results.Everybody’s top ten list is different. The disparity in these findings has been largely due to the different types of analytical tests being used. The four most common are the ORAC, the TEAC, the TRAP, and the FRAP. The USDA for example prefers ORAC. But, as diverse as these test methods are, they all share one thing in common. Each measure a foods ability to alter a chemical reaction in a test tube, not a biological system like the human body.

Well, that all changed when researchers at Cornell University tested 27 of our most popular foods, in cultures of live, human liver cells. Can you guess which food beat out all the rest when tested in live human cells? Beets!

Traditional test tube favorites, like green leafy vegetables, fell completely out of the top 10 and red peppers jumped up to number two. This has caused food scientists to proclaim that red, is now the new green. And because of this research, we’ve seen a whole new array of new super beet powders and supplements enter the market. But just when you thought that science had finally defined one of the best solutions to optimal health, it made another giant leap forward.

Integrative health researchers discovered that the Phytonutrient in the beet that actually provides these huge benefits is called a betalain. Phytonutrient is science’s word for “nutrients that come from plants.” Betalain is a phytonutrient that gives a beet its deep red color.

However, researchers also discovered that the betalains from the beet are naturally bonded to high levels of sugar, and that’s not so good. Did you know that 60 to 70 percent of the total content of most beet powder products is actually sugar? Sugar not only makes it harder for the body to metabolize these powerful betalains, it has been identified as a contributor to major health concerns like chronic inflammation and cancer.

So a new patented process was developed for extracting the Betalains from the beets and then separating them from their sugars, providing the world’s first purified betalain product technology.

Research done by Evolv’s manufacturer of Limitless has shown that standardized levels of these purified betalains can help reduce the biomarkers of inflammation by up to 47%, a critical factor in supporting joint comfort, hormone balance, efficient fat burning, just to name a few.

While there are other foods and spices on the market that register pretty high for anti-inflammatory values, such as turmeric and ginger, none have ever been shown to provide this high level of support. This quantitative response was deemed so significant, that research on purified betalains soon crossed over into sports nutrition, where again, Evolv’s manufacturer of Limitless has conducted studies of High-performance athletes and Limitless has been shown to significantly improve both their recovery times and performance.

This patented purified betalain product was provided to The Hope Movement in support of Evolv’s social business platform. It is the core ingredient in Limitless and represents one the most significant integrative nutritional discoveries that science has produced.