Acemannan and Integrative Health

Immun: Acemanan & Integrative Health
By Dr. Erik Reis


Since the beginning of recorded time, the Aloe Vera plant has been the cornerstone of ancient medicine, in practically every culture of the world. Doctors have been documenting its amazing health benefits for thousands of years. By the 20th century Aloe Vera’s reputation was so well established, that it birthed what has become a $6 billion a year Aloe Vera product industry.

With one major flaw. The amazing immune supporting activity of Aloe Vera was somehow missing, in the vast majority of those products. So a team of researchers were hired to solve the mystery and here’s what they discovered.

They found that a broad spectrum of uniquely structured polysaccharides in Aloe Vera gel, that they named Acemannan, accounted for its dramatic immune supporting activity. But here’s the problem. Once the Aloe Vera leaf is picked, an enzyme is activated in the gel that digests these powerful polysaccharides. And, within 24 to 48 hours, the immune modulating activity is completely gone.

A research team headed by Dr. Santiago Rodriguez then developed a new patented process for stabilizing Acemannan, and a new publicly traded company was created to begin commercializing this amazing discovery. Research on stabilized Acemannan began to validate its unprecedented capacity for supporting the body’s normal functions of recovery and defense.

Acemannan was shown to “wake up” or activate the immunomodulatory functions of your immune system and soon became one of the most researched molecules in nature. Millions of lives worldwide were dramatically impacted by this “first generation” Acemannan technology.

Acemannan processing remained relatively unchanged over the next 25 years, until science revealed its next big breakthrough. An integrative health research team in South Korea discovered that within the wide variety of molecular weights of naturally occurring Acemannan, only a small range of them were actually providing the majority of the immunomodulatory activity.

So, with this new knowledge, Dr. Rodriguez went back into the lab and created an entirely new process for stabilizing Acemannan that – get this – increased its immunomodulatory support 4 to 5 times more, per gram than his original product.

In 2016, Dr. Rodriguez dedicated his most advanced new Acemannan technology to the Hope Movement for the formulation of Evolv Immun. This new Acemannan composition has quickly become the best of class integrative health technology for helping support a healthy gut and a proper functioning immune system.

One specific study verified this type of support by showing that medically compromised adults could increase their body’s own production and release of adult stem cells by a factor of three to four hundred percent, through the intake of stabilized Aloe Acemannan.

Acemannan is completely nontoxic and has been shown not to interfere with any type of medical treatment. When utilized with standard of care medications, Acemannan has been shown to reduce their toxic effects while increasing their efficacy, resulting in the best possible patient outcomes. Immun is not a drug, and does not treat or cure disease. It is simply the most advanced Acemannan product available for supporting your body’s normal functions of defense and repair.